Popcorn Yoga mat

This Popcorn Yoga Mat will always remind you that your thoughts can pop in and out, and that's ok! Just say "Thank you mind" when your exercising or meditating and return your thoughts to your breath. Soft, with high-density cushion and unmatched support, eye-catching but also provides great comfort for adults and kids.

.: Synthetic
.: 3/16" thick
.: Solid green color left side
Two Layers 
Soft cushion. 
Anti slip surface. 


Simply use warm water and dish soap to clean the mat from any liquids and stains.

Inspired Design: 

Some thoughts are happy, some can be sad, others come from nowhere? These thoughts can simply be noticed as popping thoughts. Isabelle’s “Popcorn Thoughts” Guided Meditation for Children help parents and kids simply notice popping thoughts and encourages listeners to bring their focus back to their breathing as it flows in and out.

All proceeds from our shop go towards the development of Mindfulness and Meditation Resources for Parents, Children and Schools. 

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