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Isabelle's Guided Meditations for Children

"Hi, Isabelle. We hope you're well. I would like to thank you for sharing your beautiful meditations and positive affirmations. Our children who are 8, 6, 5 and 11 months old, love them. We listen to them every night and have made them a part of our bedtime routines. My partner and I have begun using your words think positive, feel positive, which has lead to such positive actions and feelings in our family. We have seen a great change in our children's behaviour and outlook on life, and how they treat each other as well as others around. And, to be totally honest, your meditations are having a such a positive impact on us adults too. So I would just like to say THANK YOU. May you have a peaceful and harmonious day"-

Hanan xxx - UK


Class Endorsement. The Amazing Faith

Mindfulness, fun after school activity"What Isabelle brings to life through her work is foundational and, in my view, essential to a child's development and emotional well-being. Out of all the activities, my children have participated in over 20 years of raising them, Mindfulness and Meditation have, without question, had the most impact and brought the most excitement and joy. Upon first meeting Isabelle, I knew this was a very special woman. Right from the beginning, my youngest daughter Faith developed a skill set, offered in the MY PEACEFUL UNIVERSE program, that she would not listen to me about. It had way more power coming from the pure purpose and passion that Isabelle shares with her students. I can not recommend this work more highly. Every child deserves the opportunity to relax, relinquish and reset."- 

Belinda-Jane Hunt - Elements of Life, Evolved Psychology



Benefits for Children, Parents and Families

"With three children, I felt I was constantly rushing from one activity to the next, not having time to stop and just let them be kids. I know, I know we have heard it all before; no time for play, too much screen time, too much homework, no family interaction, no outdoor time, too much pressure!  I accepted our world has changed – nothing stays the same.  My husband and I, along with our kids, embraced almost everything that has come with the modern world. But I worried and I felt guilty. They didn’t have the ability to just ‘be’ or even have an idea of what that really meant."

"When I met beautiful Isabelle, I naively thought, she would take my children once a week and give them an hour of peace and quiet to escape the chaos – another after school activity – but a calmer one."

Happy Primary School Student "I had no idea about the life changing tools my kids were about to receive. While I am still coming across new benefits almost every day, the impact on our family life is amazing.  The kids now meditate several times a week (if not daily). They are open and carefree about what they are feeling and how they deal with any worries or fears. They are so much more comfortable with who they are and don’t seem to worry what others think of them. If something does upset them they are able to remain calm and work it out. As a family, we seem to have a lot more open conversation topics and they are much more empathetic toward each other."

"We can’t thank Issi enough for the beautiful, positive impact she has had on our children. She has given me confidence, as they head towards their teenage years and adulthood, knowing they have a true sense of self, they have the power to change their outlook and they recognise the beauty of their surroundings. Thankyou Issi xxx"

Marika Palm