Sample Educators Mindfulness and Meditation Portal

Educators Mindfulness and Meditation Portal

 The My Peaceful Universe Educators Portal provides easy online access to a year worth of valuable Mindfulness and Meditation Resources that are remarkably beneficial for parents, practitioners, teachers and kids.

Our Mindfulness and Meditation Resources are curated in 4 simple programs for the school year. The 32 lessons are flexible and easy to implement in a classroom setting or 1 on 1 within a practise or clinic, providing a fun life-changing experience for both educators and students.

Resources Include

32 Breathing Exercises
32 Mindful Life Lessons
32 Guided Meditations
32 Mindful Journal Pages
32 Mindful Games
+ Certificates for Kids


The first 100 Subscribers receive a valuable Discount Code for a FREE 1-Hour Coaching Session with Isabelle Mary Fitzgerald to deepen teaching effectiveness.