Mindfulness Teacher Training

Teach Kids Mindfulness and Meditation

Would you like to teach mindfulness to kids? 


Isabelle's Mindfulness Teacher Training provides insights on how to effectively teach mindfulness and meditation within a classroom, 1 on 1 within a clinic, or with your own kids at home. 


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Mindfulness Teacher Training


Many schools around the world have introduced Mindfulness and Meditation to their students, to help kids learn how to manage 21st-century issues, such as social media, screen time, academic pressure, restlessness, worry, insomnia and anxiety.

It's now vital that kids continue to learn these amazing tools and life skills at home.

Our Mindfulness Teacher Training is a simple and affordable way for all educators, practitioners and parents to learn how to effectively teach their children Mindfulness and Meditation in a fun and engaging way.

Teaching kids how to still their minds and breathe correctly can help children overcome a range of emotional challenges they may be facing, memorise more effectively, relax and sleep, as well as improve compassion and happiness benefiting everyone in society.



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2 Hour or 4 Hour Session Extended

We believe a simple mindfulness and meditation practice is an important part of a child's life that requires just a little commitment from parents and teachers. 


Mindfulness Teacher Training


Understand the benefits of Mindfulness for kids

Learn how to effectively teach mindfulness and meditation to kids

    2 Hour Session


    4 Hour Session Extended

    By Isabelle Mary Fitzgerald 



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    Teach Kids Mindfulness and Meditation

    Teach kids the amazing life skill of Mindfulness and Meditation.


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    What you will learn

    Part 1

    • Learn about the challenges kids are facing in the 21st century.
    • A brief look at the science behind mindfulness and meditation. 
    • Learn why teaching mindfulness and meditation to kids is so effective based on Isabelle's personal experience with her own students.
    • Q&A


    Part 2

    • Learn about the 5 key areas to improve a child's overall emotional well-being.
    • Learn about the 5 core components to a mindfulness lesson.
    • Isabelle demonstrates a practical lesson from her MINDFULNESS PROGRAM FOR KIDS
    • Q&A


    Things to note*

    • All participants must have an active membership to access the MINDFULNESS PROGRAM FOR KIDS prior to the training. For more information CLICK HERE 👈.
    • 4 Hour Extended Training includes a certificate upon completion.


    How to join your training online: Steps 1, 2 and 3

    1. Online bookings will be confirmed via email and calendar invite.
    2. Simply click the link provided to join Isabelle.
    3. A 5-Minute Questionnaire will also be forwarded before your booking.


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    Your Trainer

    Isabelle Mary FitzgeraldIsabelle Mary Fitzgerald is a leading Mindfulness and Meditation mentor with over 20 years of experience helping clients improve their emotional wellbeing and happiness. Isabelle is currently an administrator for Mindful Educators Australia, holds a Diploma in Energetic Healing with a Level 2 Certificate in Meditation and is a certified Mindfulness Mentor with the Mindfulness Mentoring Institute. Isabelle coaches teachers, parents, families and kids in Mindfulness and Meditation and has been teaching classes to primary school children for over 4 years. Isabelle has also curated a 1-year Mindfulness Program For Kids and recorded a 10-day audio course 'Overcome Your Monkey Mind' for the world's leading meditation app Insight Timer.




    Teach Kids Mindfulness and Meditation

    "I teach this because in my own life I had anxiety and also worried about certain things like dealing with difficult situations in my life. I wish I learned about mindfulness when I was younger." - Isabelle Mary Fitzgerald


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    This week I did something amazing- I completed the Mindfulness Teacher Training with Isabelle @mypeacefuluniverse

    Much gratitude to @isabellemaryfitzgerald for imparting her wonderful knowledge - a true inspiration doing so much life-changing work both in the local community and further afield 🙏🏼🙏🏼


    Im so excited to integrate this knowledge and resources into my clinic work and other areas of my life and those around me. EVERY CHILD deserves to have their own peaceful universe and should be given the tools to find that peace in times of trouble and adversity 🙌🙌 

    Belle Oneile - Naturopath


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    Teach Kids Mindfulness and Meditation


    Isabelle Mary Fitzgerald has been personally teaching her Mindfulness Program to children for 4 years and is looking forward to sharing her valuable experience and resources with passionate mindfulness and meditation advocates, parents and families around the globe.