Mindfulness Program for Primary Schools

Mindfulness program for kids 

The My Peaceful Universe Mindfulness Program for Primary Schools provides easy online access to evidence based mindfulness and meditation resources that are remarkably beneficial for parents, practitioners, teachers and kids.

Materials and resources are curated in a 1 year program for the school year making it easy for busy carers, teachers and practitioners to carve out time and participate with students at home, within a classroom setting or, 1 on 1 within a practice or clinic.


Core Components Include

32 Breathing Exercises
32 Mindfulness Lessons and Exercises
32 Recorded Guided Meditations
32 Printable Journal Pages
32 Mindful Games
+ Certificates for Kids




Fun mindfulness program for kids

"I personally believe that within a very short period of time a fun and engaging mindfulness and meditation program offering a complete experience for practitioners, teachers and students has the potential to create lasting change within Australia and around the globe" - Isabelle Mary Fitzgerald


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Why Mindfulness?


Mental health issues with kids are on the rise.
As we speak depression rates are on the increase, suicide rates are going up and kids are starting to suffer from anxiety and depression at a younger and younger age. Just a few decades ago the average onset age of depression was 29.5 years old. Today it is almost exactly half that: 14.5 years old. 

50 per cent of mental health conditions now emerges between the age of 4 and 14. Source: Beyond Blue Read More


Students easily grasp Mindfulness.
Studies in both medicine and neuroscience are shows a child's mental health and emotional well-being improves with mindfulness practise. Supporting and enhancing learning, emotional intelligence and social skills. Providing the best preparation for the stress and anxiety of high school, university and your adulthood.


“People who practise Mindfulness now have BETTER mental health than 70% of the population on average.” Dr Craig Hassad, Monash University 

Kids meditating at a mindfulness class

"I teach this because in my own life I had anxiety and also worried about certain things like dealing with difficult situations in my life. I wish I learned about mindfulness when I was younger." - Isabelle


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Are you and your students ready for Mindfulness?

If you are a carer, teacher or practitioner involved in the development of kids this program makes it easy to for you to practise mindfulness and meditation together with children, and, has the potential to transform your life and the lives of your students.


Our Mindfulness Program focuses on the following key areas to improve each child's overall emotional well-being throughout the school year. 

  • Resilience, emotional management and regulation
  • Self Awareness
  • Focus and Concentration
  • Compassion and Kindness
  • Happiness and Gratitude


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Mindfulness Lessons Include:


Program 1 Program 2
What Is Mindfulness Mindful Seeing
Mindful Breathe Is A Superpower Mindful Listening
Present Moment Awareness Mindfulness of Touch
Mindfulness and the Brain Mindful Tasting
Mindfulness For Our Physical Body Mindfulness of Thoughts
Affirmations Popcorn Thoughts
Mindful Motions Monkey Mind
Anchor Breathing Distraction, What Is It?


Program 3 Program 4
Mindfulness of Emotion Commas And Mindfulness
Heartfulness and Kindness Embracing Me
Difficult Emotions Roses and Thorns
Gratitude, Why Is It So Important Why It's Important To Be Kind
Connecting With Our Positive Qualities Setting Positive Intentions
Mindful Relationships Connecting With Spaces Around US
Mindful Communication Becoming Mindful Of Nature
Bullying Is Not Ok Mindful Curiosity About The World


*Lesson are designed to be flexible and easy to implement within a classroom setting or, in a more personal setting 1 on 1 within a practice or clinic. This is by no means a one size fits all program, what we have created is user-friendly and we would like to emphasize is that there is no one way to teach mindfulness. What is important, is we draw from our personal experiences, explore, and share our deepening practice of Mindfulness with colleagues and parents, and encourage children to practise their mindfulness and meditations with family and friends at home.



Kids learning about mindfulness

“In researching various school systems that have adopted mindfulness and meditation, we are learning that students and teachers are happier, more focused, emotionally regulated, calmer and less affected by stress. Schools also experience less bullying, and a more peaceful learning and social environment.”- Dr Amy Saltzman



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Why Makes Our Program So Special?

Easy to Implement.

Our online portal provides easy online access to our evidence based early intervention mindfulness program. Included are teaching tips to improve teaching effectiveness and and letters for parents to encourage students and families to continue to practise their mindfulness and meditation at home.


Fun and engaging for teachers and kids

We don't want teachers and children losing interest in Mindfulness. This is why we encourage a pedagogical approach where every teacher develops their own way of teaching the resources. We believe we set the right tone in which to communicate mindfulness and meditation to children and our approach has a unique playfulness to it which can easily be defined by the creative ways teachers teach their own students.


Tested in class environments since 2017
Teach with confidence knowing our Mindfulness and Meditation Program has been tested in class environments, before, during and after school with kids aged between 6 - 12 years old. 


Deputy Principal LISA W - LOVED your program.
5 Star Mindfulness and Meditation
"Essentially we LOVED your program and your expertise and depth of knowledge that comes with it. As you know it was very well received by our team and their students. As per our meeting at the end of Term 3, there is great enthusiasm to utilise your program again in 2019."



Our program can reduce stress in teachers.

It is not only our goal to see improvements in students mental health and, it is also our goal t o see improvements in our teacher wellbeing., self-care and teaching effectiveness creating a healthier and more positive teacher student relationship and school environment.


"Stressed teachers impact students stress levels through a contagion effect, and since students stress impacts learning, this can hurt the quality of education in the classroom. Students learn better in a climate that is more emotionally positive and less stressful, and past studies have shown a clear link between positive emotional classroom climates and academic achievement" - Jill Suthe, Greater Good Magazine


Interactive forums.

Start an online discussion with other teachers and practitioners utilising our program from around the globe. Share your experience, or ask for feedback from piers to improve results with your students.


Surveys and live updates. 

Our results driven surveys found and the start of the program are a helpful way to monitor improvements in the overall emotional wellbeing of both teachers and students. The surveys also provide a way to assess the effectiveness of the program, so that we can continue to improve the resources available.


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Our Mission

The MY PEACEFUL UNIVERSE mission is to create fun and engaging mindfulness and meditation programs that help teenagers, parents, teachers and kids better manage their own emotional wellbeing and mental health leading to a happier state of mind and more fulfilling life.


"I truly believe the benefits of mindfulness and meditation can no longer be ignored and a mindfulness and meditation program such as this should be accessed by every carer, teacher and practitioner for the long term health of our kids." Isabelle Mary Fitzgerald


Isabelle Mary Fitzgerald
Director and Founder