Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher Training

Isabelle Mary Fitzgerald

Would you like to be a part of a positive global shift and teach Mindfulness and Meditation to kids? Helping children learn how to build resilience and manage their own mental health, happiness and emotional wellbeing? 1-day training is now available at our Bilgola Studio or Online. Photo: beccafitzgeraldphoto.net


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Why teach Mindfulness and Meditation to kids?

Children’s Mental Health and Wellbeing does not only hold great social value it is fast becoming the number 1 priority for parents, families and primary schools. Research now shows teaching Mindfulness and Meditation to Children is a vital activity, and, could possibly be the most important preparation for High School, University and Young Adulthood over the coming years.


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Mental health issues with kids are on the rise.

This is a difficult time to be teaching and raising children. Many experts are now saying we have created an unrealistic environment for kids. Academic Pressure, Electronic Devices, Cyber Bullying, Stress, Worry, Anxiety and Insomnia are just a few of the alarming words that are now commonplace in our children’s lives. Read More


What do the facts say?

  • Kids' are starting to suffer from anxiety at a younger and younger age.
  • 50 per cent of mental health conditions now emerges between the age of 4 and 14.
  • One in seven, 14% of children and adolescents aged 4-17 years experienced a mental health disorder in any given year, which is equivalent to an estimated 560,000 Australian children and adolescents.
  • The number of deaths by suicide in young Australians is the highest it has been in 10 years


“Just a few decades ago the average onset age of depression was 29.5 years old. Today it is almost exactly half that: 14.5 years old.” - Source: Shawn Achor, Harvard University


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Focus on younger people is now vital.

Research finds that mindfulness practice decreases stress and anxiety, increases attention, improves interpersonal relationships, strengthens compassion and happiness. Read More

Meditation is not just for adults. Children and adolescents also benefit. Research shows that meditation in the classroom helps students become more focused, calm, quiet, settled and rested by providing them with an opportunity to learn how to relax and reflect. Read More


“People who practise Mindfulness and Meditation now have BETTER mental health than 70% of the population on average.” Dr Craig Hassad, Monash University 


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Why choose My Peaceful Universe?


The MY PEACEFUL UNIVERSE mission is to create fun, engaging Mindfulness and Meditation Programs that help primary school children, educators and parents better manage their own emotional wellbeing and achieve a more positive outlook on life.  


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We are already seeing amazing results


Feedback from parents and kids. 

  • Awesome and calming meditations that can soothe the rowdiest kids

“Issi is soooooooo amazing at mindfulness. I used to be extremely restless at night and wake up hundreds of times a night and now I am able to have a calm night without worrying about things in the past or future or both! Issi has taught me so much of useful information such as the states of ‘ theta ‘ ‘ alta ‘ ‘beta’ and ‘ delta’. I used to be living in the ‘ beta ‘ state and now i’m more of a ‘ alta, theta ‘ person. Thank you Issi for making me a calmer person.” Student

  • Excellent
"Isabelle's meditation classes have been wonderful for my son who has been dealing with anxiety around bedtime. She has taught him how to breathe correctly as well as how to relax his mind and body through her beautiful meditations. I would thoroughly recommend her classes as they are beneficial to all children."- Parent



Feedback from Deputy Principals

  • LOVED your program

“Essentially we LOVED your program and your expertise and depth of knowledge that comes with it. As you know, it was very well received by our team and their students. As per our meeting at the end of Term 3, there is still a great enthusiasm to use your program. Please reiterate this to Rob Stokes.” - Deputy Principal Lisa Weber


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Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher Training for Parents, Practitioners and Educators


Deepen your understanding of our Mindfulness and Meditation Resources

our 1 Day Teacher Training for Educators will provide a deeper understanding of our Mindfulness and Meditation resources, as well as further develop your own self-care, emotional well-being and teaching effectiveness.


Access 1 years worth of Mindfulness and Meditation Resources on any device.

Our Educators Mindfulness and Meditation Portal provides easy online access to 1-years worth of fun and engaging Mindfulness and Meditation Resources that are remarkably beneficial for parents, practitioners, teachers and kids.

Our Mindfulness and Meditation Resources are curated in 4 complete and flexible programs making it easy for busy Parents, Educators and Practitioners to carve out time and participate with students practising breathing exercises, meditations and mindful life lessons within a classroom setting or, 1 on 1 within a practice or clinic. Access resources here


Develop your own Mindful practice.

Parents, practitioners and educators across Australia and worldwide are turning to Mindfulness and Meditation as research now shows there are endless benefits for both teachers and kids.


Benefits include;

  • Improved management of your own self-care and emotional well-being
  • Decreased stress levels, fatigue and anxiety.
  • A stronger sense of compassion toward ourselves and others.
  • A deeper understanding of our Mindfulness and Meditation resources for kids
  • Improved teaching effectiveness
  • Improved knowledge of the benefits for children and families.
  • Improved feelings of happiness and purpose.


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Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher Training: Bilgola Studio


  • Friday, June 21st 2019  ( 21/6/19 )


  • Session 1, 10 am - 1 pm ( Break, cafe's nearby )
  • Session 2, 1.45 pm - 3.45 pm


  • 1 Raymond Rd, Bilgola Plateau NSW 2107


  • Teacher Training $795 AUD

*Only 5 Spaces Available




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Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher Training: Via Remote

Technology needed

  • Facetime, Messenger, WhatsApp or Zoom

Times: Australian Eastern Standard Time ( AEST )

  • Session 1, 10 am - 1 pm ( Break )
  • Session 2, 1.45 pm - 3.45 pm


  • Remote Teacher Training $895 AUD

*By Appointment Only




Isabelle Mary Fitzgerald has been personally teaching her Mindfulness and Meditation program to children locally for 3 years and is looking forward to sharing her valuable experience with passionate Mindfulness and Meditation advocates around Australia.