Educators Mindfulness and Meditation Portal

Avalon Student Practising Meditation

My Peaceful Universe Educators Portal

The My Peaceful Universe Educators Portal provides easy online access to a year worth of valuable Mindfulness and Meditation Resources that are incredibly beneficial for both teachers and kids.

Resources Include

32 Breathing Exercises
32 Mindful Life Lessons
32 Guided Meditations
32 Mindful Journal Pages
32 Mindful Games





Schools across Australia and worldwide are turning to Mindfulness and Meditation as research now shows mindfulness and meditation have endless benefits for both teachers and students.

“In researching various school systems that have adopted mindfulness and meditation, we are learning that students and teachers are happier, more focused, emotionally regulated, calmer and less affected by stress. Schools also experience less bullying, and a more peaceful learning and social environment.”- Dr Amy Saltzman


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Why Access Our Resources?

Trialled and Tested in Class Environments Since 2016

Isabelle's MY PEACEFUL UNIVERSE Mindfulness and Meditation resources have been trialled and tested in class environments, before, during and after school with kids aged between 6 - 12 years old. The resources have proven to be fun and engaging, curated in a way that kids enjoy, as well proven to be an incredibly effective and positive way to teach kids resilience, awareness and self-belief and, how to overcome a range of emotional challenges in their busy lives.



KIM D - Excellent  28/02/18
5 Star Mindfulness and Meditation
Isabelle's meditation classes have been wonderful for my son who has been dealing with anxiety around bedtime. She has taught him how to breathe correctly as well as how to relax his mind and body through her beautiful meditations. I would thoroughly recommend her resources as they are beneficial to all children.


Newport Student Practising Meditation

Our Mission

MY PEACEFUL UNIVERSE mission is to create engaging mindfulness and meditation programs that help primary school children, educators and parents better manage their own emotional wellbeing and achieve a more positive outlook on life.  


It's A difficult time to be a kid!

Academic pressure, electronic devices, worry, anxiety, are just some of the alarming words that parents and carers are concerned about, and with good reason.

Currently, one in seven children aged 4 - 17 have a mental health disorder which is equivalent to an estimated 560,000 Australian children and adolescents. Suicide is the biggest killer of young Australians and accounts for the deaths of more young people than car accidents, and, evidence now suggests 50% of adult mental health conditions emerge by age 14.

Source: Beyond Blue


Essential Life Skills for Teachers and Kids

Studies in both medicine and neuroscience are showing that Mindfulness and Meditation are essential life skills for children that can have a profound impact on both physical and mental health. Supporting and enhancing learning, emotional intelligence and overall well-being across our lifespan.

Our resources also further assist educators, practitioners and carers with their own understanding of Mindfulness and Meditation, decreasing stress levels, fatigue and anxiety improving feelings of happiness for everyone in the classroom and throughout the entire school community.


Fun and Engaging

We believe we set the right tone in which to communicate Mindfulness and Meditation to children. Our approach has a unique playfulness to it, engaging kids as well as teachers and carers. 

We find creative ways to help children navigate their way through issues such as managing difficult emotions, anxiety, dealing with challenging social situations or relationships, low self-esteem and day to day stress.


Easy access to a full year's worth Mindfulness and Meditation resources

Often teachers worry that they don’t have enough time amidst their lessons to fit in a Mindfulness Practice. Or, spend countless hours searching for mindfulness and meditation resources, only to find programs that run for 8 weeks. 

Our Educators Portal is easy to implement and provides teaching staff, practitioners and carers with access to a full year's worth of remarkable Mindfulness and Meditation resources that can be utilised as a pastoral program in an educational setting or, in a more personal setting 1 on 1. 

Once teachers or carers carve out space, maybe just a few minutes at the beginning of the day, they realise that they get much more done as students can receive and retain information much better.


Schools, Free Trial

If you believe Mindfulness and Meditation would be a positive step for your primary school, teachers, and students. Contact Isabelle Mary Fitzgerald and arrange an appointment to learn more about the MY PEACEFUL UNIVERSE Educators Mindfulness and Meditation Portal. 



 Mindful Private School Student