The Inner Calm Method

What to expect.


  • Wellbeing Survey To Measure Changes Before And After Coaching.

Before your initial appointment I will forward you a short Wellbeing Survey to complete. The results of the survey allow me to have a clear picture of your intentions and goals for your sessions and also highlights the areas you need the most support with before you begin.  

In your first session we will take a look at your survey results, and explore your main stressors so that we can work or aim at reducing or eliminating the stress in your life. We will also discuss any other questions you may have so that I can tailor each session towards your personal needs and prepare you as you begin your new mindfulness and meditation journey.


  • Personalised Instructions

Each Mindfulness Coaching session is personally conducted with me face to face or in person via zoom. 10 x 60 or 90 minute sessions initially, and may continue as long as personal development is needed. 

 Each week I will be guiding you on how to cultivate and integrate the 10 core attitudes of mindfulness into your life, which will help contribute to the growth and nourishment of your mind, heart and body. 


  • Support and Accountability

As your coach, I am 100% committed to keeping you motivated and on track along your mindfulness journey. I am here to support you all the way, by addressing all your questions and concerns as you deepen your practice. I will also ensure that you have the confidence to apply all your new tools and practises to help you make meaningful changes in your life.


  • Calm And Quiet

 Our sessions are a special time for self-care and nurture. You're going to learn powerful ways to access your true inner peace, which is always available to you at any time. This is such a vital tool as so often we become distracted by the loud mental noise that occupies our mind most of the time. 


  • Inner-Strength And Resilience

 In our sessions, you are also going to learn powerful techniques that are going to help you feel centred and calm so that you can bounce back from any challenges life throws your way.


  • Real Measurable Changes

After your initial 10 sessions I will invite you to complete the Wellbeing Survey again and invite you to your 11th Session FREE. This is important as it allows you to see the clear measurable changes in which Mindfulness has transformed your life. Aside from seeing the positive impact on your health and wellbeing, you will also recognise all the huge milestones you have made along the way.  


The Inner Calm Method

  • 10 x 1 Hour Sessions ( 11th Session FREE ) or,
  • 10 x 1.5 Hour Sessions ( 11th Session FREE ) 


Select Duration and Time 

  • Please make secure payments prior to coaching👇


Online Bookings. Steps 1, 2 and 3

  1. Online bookings will be confirmed via email and calendar invite.
  2. Simply click the Zoom link emailed and start your mindfulness journey with Isabelle.
  3. Your Wellbeing survey will also be forwarded to your email address prior to your first appointment

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