Overcome Your Monkey Mind

Overcome Your Monkey Mind includes 10 audio sessions that will empower children with essential life skills to manage difficult thoughts and emotions in a positive and healthy way.



10 Audio Session
*Suitable for children ages 7 - 12


Session 1. My Breath Is A Super Power
Session 2. Living In The Present Moment
Session 3. Understanding Body Sensations
Session 4. The Power Of Touch
Session 5. Anchor Breathing
Session 6. Popcorn Thoughts
Session 7. Positive And Negative Thoughts
Session 8. Managing Difficult Emotions
Session 9. Attitude Of Gratitude
Session 10. Breathe And Smile


Practise listening to your course as many times as you like, but remember don’t skip ahead, just one session one day at a time.



  • Use the link emailed to DOWNLOAD your mindfulness course.
  • For support email us at kye@mypeacefuluniverse.org

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