My Tropical Paradise Yoga Mat

My Tropical Paradise. This yoga mat will let you feel like you are always on holidays when exercising or meditating. Soft, with high-density cushion and unmatched support. Not only eye-catching, this non slip ECO Friendly Yoga Mat provides real comfort for both adults and kids.

.: Synthetic 
.: 3/16" thick 
.: Solid green color left side

Two Layers 
Soft cushion. 
Anti slip surface. 


Simply use warm water and dish soap to clean the mat from any additional liquids and stains.

Inspired Design: 

Isabelle’s “My Tropical Paradise" Guided Meditation takes listeners to a tropical beach where small rippling waves crash along the coastline, the soft sand is snow white and palm trees surround the island.

All proceeds from our shop go towards the development of Mindfulness and Meditation Resources for Parents, Children and Schools. 


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