My Peaceful Universe: Meditation Program 2

Isabelle's Meditation Program 2 includes eight mindfulness-based meditations for kids that explore our environment in a way that is relaxing for teachers, parents and children. Isabelle's positive visualisation helps kids breathe properly, be present with their thoughts, builds resilience, improves concentration and sleep.




8 Guided Meditations for Children 1:19:16
*Suitable for ages 6 - 12

  1. Peaceful Mountain 9:31
  2. Tropical Paradise 10:32
  3. Snowflakes 9:36
  4. Mindful Tasting 9:34
  5. Magic Pond 9:24
  6. Popcorn Thoughts 10:49
  7. Oak Tree 9:55
  8. Pebble By The River 9:52


Practise listening to your meditations as many times as you like, but remember don’t skip ahead, just the one meditation one week at a time.



REVIEW: An oasis of calm

"My very busy 9-year-old son listens to your meditations each night at bedtime. He looks forward to his “Isabelle time” and the effect on him has been considerable. He willingly goes to bed with fewer wake-ups and he seems happier. Thank you so much for becoming part of our lives!"-  LYNDELL S.



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