Overcome Your Monkey Mind


Overcome Your Monkey Mind is a short 10-session mindfulness course that parents, practitioners and teachers can enjoy with kids. If you are passionate about mental health and emotional wellbeing, listen for just 10 - 15 minutes a day and empower your kids to live happier and calmer lives.


During This Course

Both adults and children will learn creative ways to navigate their way through 21st-century issues such as academic pressure, distraction, worry, low self-esteem, anxiety and day to day stress in this excellent toolkit for busy lives.

10-session course Manage stress, anxiety and difficult emotions
15 min / day By Isabelle Mary Fitzgerald


Who Is This Course For

As parents, a great way to listen to this course is with your kids in the evening while relaxing or in the morning to start the day on a positive note.

As teachers and practitioners, this is also the perfect course for you. Listen with your students in the classroom or 1 on 1 within your practice and create lasting change empowering children to live happier and calmer lives.


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Course Outline

Session 1
My Breath Is A Super Power

We all have a busy monkey mind that is chattering away in the background worrying, complaining and overthinking things which can make it hard for us to focus, relax and feel calm. In Session 1, I am going to show you an easy way to overcome your busy mind by simply connecting with your breath. Your breath is a superpower that lives inside you that you can access to feel calm and settled at any time, in any situation.


Session 2
Living In The Present Moment

Often when we are juggling so much like school, homework, sports activities and technology our minds can become busy and distracted, making it difficult to concentrate and do things really well. You can also feel a little grumpy and make more mistakes too! In Session 2, your going to really enjoy learning and experiencing what the present moment feels like so that you can complete all your activities in a more focused, calmer and positive way.


Session 3
Understanding Body Sensations

Do you get butterflies in your belly when you feel worried or nervous? Does your heart beat really fast when your feeling afraid? When these feelings show up it can feel really unpleasant, which can make you react or try and push them away. In Session 3, I’m going to teach you all about body sensations and show you some great tools to help you manage and approach unpleasant feelings in a calm, confident and loving way.


Session 4
The Power Of Touch

How do you feel when you put your foot in the ocean or feel the sun on your shoulders? How do you feel when a friend gives you a hug when your feeling sad or upset? In Session 4, I will be teaching you how to use the power of touch to improve your life in so many amazing ways. For example, touch can help you feel more grounded, happier, safe and calmer inside, melting your worries away.


Session 5
Anchor Breathing

Does it ever feel like your mind is drifting here, there, and everywhere, and you just can’t get it to rest or sit still? In Session 5, I will help you learn how to settle and calm your mind whenever this happens by teaching you how to connect with your Anchor Breath.  You will discover that just like a boat has an anchor, you have an anchor inside you too, which you can access at any time to soothe your worries big or small. 


Mindfulness for kids


Session 6
Popcorn Thoughts

Have you ever noticed that your mind is like a popcorn machine popping thoughts here there and everywhere? Like when your reading, eating or talking and then suddenly “POP” a random thought pops out of nowhere! In Session 6, I’m going to teach you some really positive tools to help you manage all your popping thoughts, as well as help you reset your busy mind so that you don’t get so caught up and distracted by them anymore.


Session 7
Positive And Negative Thoughts

We all experience positive and negative thoughts. But what can you do when negative and unhelpful thoughts stick around making you feel anxious? In Session 7, you will discover that you can switch the channel in your mind from negative to positive in an easy and effective way. The aim is not to feel bad about having unhelpful thoughts, but to teach our monkey mind how to make better decisions and choose more positive thoughts so you can live a more peaceful and happier life.


Session 8
Managing Difficult Emotions

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by feelings of anger, fear, or sadness? These kinds of difficult emotions can feel uncomfortable and it’s very normal to try and push them away. In Session 8, I’m going to teach you how to relate to difficult emotions. You will discover that when you give your emotions space to be there and approach them with love and kindness you can enjoy your life in a far more positive way.


Session 9
Attitude Of Gratitude

When your monkey mind is worrying, judging and constantly criticising things it feels so difficult to feel grateful about life. In Session 9, I will teach you how to overcome this by developing an attitude of gratitude. Instead of focusing on what’s going wrong in your life I will teach you how to appreciate and focus on what is going right. Practising gratitude literally changes your brain so get ready to feel happier and create an even more amazing life.


Session 10
Breathe And Smile

Congratulations, you have reached the final session and today we're going to celebrate with a big grateful smile! In Session 10, you will learn how smiling can improve your mood, your life, as well as make the people around you feel positive too. We will also take a look at everything you’ve learnt and how far you have come so you can feel confident and happy knowing that you now have the most amazing tools to help you overcome your monkey mind.


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Written and Spoken By

Isabelle Mary FitzgeraldFounder of My Peaceful Universe, Isabelle resides in the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia, and is a Certified Mindfulness Mentor, passionate Mindfulness Trainer, Educator and leading Mindfulness and Meditation Coach for Kids, Teens and Adults with over 20 years of experience equipping clients with transformative tools to improve their health and happiness.