Our Mission


The MY PEACEFUL UNIVERSE mission is to awaken happiness in children. By teaching Mindfulness and Meditation we help children manage their own emotional wellbeing and, enable them to meet the stresses of today’s world with presence, self compassion and joy. Every child, anywhere in the world stands to benefit from learning the LIFE SKILL of mindfulness and meditation.


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Our Goals.

“I truly believe a focus on children creates a solid foundation for health outcomes later in life. People who practise Mindfulness and Meditation have BETTER mental health than 70% of the population on average, making this a long-term investment in the future of our children.”

As an organisation, we do have big goals. In 2018 it is our goal to make Mindfulness and Meditation accessible to 1000's of parents, families, children and teachers across Australia and around the globe. We aim to do this in three simple ways.


1. Finish recording and producing one years worth of Guided Meditations for Children, Families and Teachers:

  • Since making our Guided Meditations available to stream online we have reached over 70'000 listeners, providing peace calm and relaxation to parents, families and children all across the globe.
  • Our meditations continue to be played in the classroom. Teachers find our Guided Meditations not only improve their students attention and concentration. They also provide a moments relief from day to day stress and worries. You can stream our meditations online by clicking here.

Stream a preview of Isabelle's "Heartfulness" Guided Meditation for Children

2. Train and mentor 100 amazing facilitators in 2018.
  • It is our goal to personally train and mentor 100 incredible facilitators to introduce and teach Mindfulness and Meditation classes to 1000's of children in communities across Australia.
  • We also aim to provide support to our facilitators with our website, so that parents and families can find and enrol their children into classes quickly and easily.
  • If you would like to teach children how to manage their own mental health and happiness through Mindfulness and Meditation join our team and be a part of a global shift in children's emotional wellbeing.

Follow the link to learn more about how to teach Mindfulness and Meditation to Children


3. Develop a fun and easy to use Mindfulness and Meditation PORTAL . 

  • It is our goal to develop a Mindfulness and Meditation Portal for Primary School Teachers and their Students
  • Schools across Australia, and worldwide, are turning to Mindfulness and Meditation as research now shows there are amazing benefits for both Teachers and Students.
  • The MY PEACEFUL SCHOOLS PORTAL will include Guided Meditations, Breathing Exercises and Mindful Resources specifically designed for Teachers and Primary School Students to easily access anytime during the school week throughout the term.

You can learn more about our MY PEACEFUL SCHOOLS PROGRAM and view our MY PEACEFUL SCHOOLS PORTAL currently in its early development stage by clicking here. 


"I believe we can achieve our 3 simple, but vital goals in 2018, and truly have a positive impact on the mental health an wellbeing of our children both here in Australia, and around the globe."- Isabelle Mary Fitzgerald