Mindfulness Program For Schools

Mindfulness Program For Schools

The My Peaceful Universe Mindfulness Program For Schools provides teaching staff with valuable mindfulness and meditation exercises for students in the classroom, as well as students at home.


Resources include;

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Early Learning Meditations For Kids Aged 4 - 7: Teachers quickly and easily calm and settle their students as kids become familiar with listening to short meditations in the comfort of their classroom.


Mindfulness Games: Teachers are given idea's on how to make mindfulness fun, teaching kids valuable life skills along the way.


Mindfulness Program For Kids: The Mindfulness Program for kids includes bite-size evidence-based Mindfulness exercises curated in a format that is easy for teachers to utilise and adapt to each student's needs from the ages of 7 - 12.


Breathing Exercises: Also included are short breathing exercise that included simple, memorable mindfulness lessons to help kids calm when stressed or unsettled.


Guided Meditations: Guided meditations are a significant part of our program, and we encourage every carer and teacher to set aside time, every day, to relax and unwind with students. Our Guided Meditations provide positive visualisation, helping kids to be present with their thoughts, build resilience, happiness and improve their concentration which underpins better academic performance.


Mindfulness Journal Pages: Journal pages in PDF format can be printed or emailed to students. A positive and fun way for students to affirm their mindfulness super powers by utilising their handwriting or drawing skills.


One Email A Month: We provide teachers with one informative email a month to offer insights and inspiring ways to utilise the resources improving the effectiveness of the program 


Mindfulness Program For Schools

Why Mindfulness is crucial for students.

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Isolation and disconnect: Current data indicate that many families are managing higher levels of anxiety, psychological distress and withdrawal from social groups during this uncertain time presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. - Source: Mental Health Commission


Mental health: Even before the global pandemic, worldwide 10-20% of children and adolescents experience mental health disorders with half of all mental illnesses emerging by the age of 14 - Source: World Health Organisation. 


Poor mental health is a leading indicator for poor academic results in students aged 7 - 12, with gaps widening between the ages of 13 - 15. Source: Young Minds Matter, the second Australian Child and Adolescent Survey of Mental Health and Wellbeing. The University of Western Australia.


Sleep: Our surveys indicate that over 20% of students aged between 7 and 14 recognise they have difficulty with sleep—lack of sleep results in restlessness, nervousness and irritation in the classroom.


Technology: Up to 78% of teachers surveyed by the Gonski Institute for Education say a students ability to focus on educational tasks has decreased due to the rapid introduction of digital technologies in the classroom. Source: Growing Up Digital, Gonski Institute For Education.


Mindfulness Program For Schools

Schools Are Turning to Mindfulness And Meditation.

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Many schools around the world are turning to proven Mindfulness and Meditation resources to share with their students in the classroom and at home.

Research finds Mindfulness and Meditation reduces problems such withdrawal from social groups, worry and anxiety, increases attention complimenting academic performance, improves sleep, resilience, interpersonal relationships, compassion and most importantly, happiness within teachers and kids. 


A Question Of Commitment

A mindfulness and meditation practice for children does not require any sophisticated equipment. It requires only a little commitment from teachers and a program that engages kids for at least 5 - 15 minutes during the day.


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If you would like to introduce mindfulness at your school or, you would like to become a licenced distributor of our program and implement mindfulness in schools within your country or region: Contact us for details.


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Mindfulness Program For Schools