Meditation Program For Kids

Meditation Program For Kids
Early Learning Meditations for Pre-School and Kindergarten. Meditation Programs For Kids Aged 6 - 12 Years. Evening Meditations for Sleep. 




"Listen to your meditations as many times as you like, but remember don't skip ahead. Just one meditation one week at a time." Isabelle Mary Fitzgerald



Through positive visualisation and deep breathing, short meditation exercises are amazing tools that can help children manage withdrawal from social groups, get acquainted with their innermost feelings, build happiness, resilience and prepare for sleep by reducing nervousness, stress and worry.

We encourage every parent, carer and teacher to set aside time, every day, to relax and unwind with your kids and students, as well as share these fantastic tools that can reset your emotional wellbeing and positive outlook for the future. 


Our Meditation Program Includes:
44 Meditations For Kids


Early Learning Meditations Meditations For Sleep
Meditations Programs 1, 2 and 3



Early Learning Meditations
8 Meditations:  Pre-School and Kindergarten


The most significant effects of meditation are experienced by those areas of the brain which are responsible for happiness and positive feelings, even more so for kids than adults. So how do we get kindergarten and preschool kids to listen to meditations?

Isabelle's Early Leaning Meditations are spoken with a soothing tone and unique playfulness to engage kids from an early age, helping children get acquainted with their breath, their feelings, and what it feels like to relax and unwind for a short while.


Meditations For Sleep
4 Meditations: All Ages


Short evening meditations are an amazing relaxation tool that can help children unwind, self soothe and prepare for sleep by reducing restlessness, nervousness, irritation and worry.


Meditation Programs 1, 2 and 3.
32 Meditations: Ages 6 - 12


Research finds that mindfulness and meditation improve concentration, confidence, resilience, compassion and most importantly, enhances happiness within kids providing the best preparation for high school.

Isabelle's Meditation Program is Mindfulness-based and covers area's such as Body Awareness, Anchor Breathing, Relaxation and Relationships. The mindfulness lessons and affirmations found in the meditation program help kids get acquainted with their innermost feelings, relax and enjoy a positive outlook for the future.





Meditation Program For Kids