Meditation Program for Kids

Listen to your meditations as many times as you like, but remember don't skip ahead. Just one meditation one week at a time.

Access Amazing Meditations For Kids.

Everyone in your family or school can now enjoy unlimited access to all 44 meditations from Isabelle's Meditation Program For Kids. Benefits include improved sleep, concentration, self-confidence, and emotional wellbeing.

Meditation Program For Kids


Early Learning Meditations
Meditations For Sleep
Meditation Programs 1, 2 and 3
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Wonderful meditations for kids.

"These are the *best* mindfulness meditations for kids I've found, and both my four-year-olds love them as a way to wind down in the evening. Isabelle's voice is so soothing and really elicits a sense of calm and safety, easing their pre-bed anxiety. Thank you so much."
KIMBERLY L. Verified Buyer

An oasis of calm.

"My very busy 9 year old son listens to your meditations each night at bedtime. He looks forward to his “Isabelle time” and the effect on him has been considerable. He willingly goes to bed with fewer wake ups and he seems happier. Thank you so much for becoming part of our lives."
LYNDAL S. Verified Buyer


"Isabelle's meditation classes have been wonderful for my son who has been dealing with anxiety around bedtime.She has taught him how to breathe correctly as well as how to relax his mind and body through her beautiful meditations."
KIM D. Verified Buyer