Demo // Lesson 6. Popcorn Thoughts

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Guided Breathing Exercise | 3:26 |  Here and Now Breath

This is a great breathing exercise to bring you back into the present moment and into the HEAR  and NOW.


Educators | 

This breathing exercise is a great tool to use when you notice your mind is worried or stressed, or you are getting a little distracted.



Reflection with students |

  • How did everyone go focusing on the words HEAR and NOW?
  • Was it easy to stay focused on those words?
  • Are you feeling more present and relaxed?
  • Well done.




Mindful Life Lesson | 7:00  | Popcorn Thoughts

Today’s lesson helps children and students to learn how to witness their thoughts and, to assist them in creating space between their thoughts and actions. For example, If a child has a thought such as “ I don’t like that guy he is so frustrating!” a child may want to take action by being rude to that person, or even worse hitting them.


Educators | 

This mindfulness lesson helps students gain objectivity regarding their thoughts and consequently make better decisions. When we help kids understand this space, we give them the opportunity to self-regulate.


Let's Begin |

Explain to your students, our minds are very much like popcorn makers. But instead of making popcorn, they make thoughts that are popping left and right non-stop. Our thoughts pop here, there and everywhere.

Some thoughts are HAPPY, some are SAD and some are about the PAST and the FUTURE. Remember its normal to have these thoughts. Have you ever been trying to focus on a book and a random thought pops out of nowhere? This is called a POPCORN THOUGHT.


Discuss |

Invite your students to share what thoughts are popping in their brain RIGHT NOW? Invite a few students to share and remind the class there is no judging or commenting.




Mindful Life Exercise |  3:00 | Popcorn Thoughts

Remind your student's our mind can make a lot of POPCORN and that's ok. Just remember don’t judge your thoughts as good or bad, happy or sad, just notice them as POPPING THOUGHTS. 


Let's Begin |

Let's do a mindfulness exercise together now. Invite students to close their eyes and let them know that they will be doing a little more mindful breathing for the next 20 or 30 seconds.

Ask them to imagine that their mind is a GIANT POPCORN MACHINE. Let them know that as they stay with their mindful breathing for a moment they are to watch and notice what kind of thoughts come popping out.

Ask your students to pop one hand in the air as a thought arises, then place their hand on their belly to bringing their attention back to their breath. Noticing their breathing.

Let your students know that will let them know when it is time to open their eyes.


Reflection with students |

  • What did it feel like watching your thoughts pop in an out? Was it easy or hard to do?
  • Was it easy or hard to stay focused on your breathing when a thought popped into your head?
  • Who found that using their breathing helped them let go of thoughts when they popped up?




Mindful Life Practise |

When we witness our thoughts we can then decide what to do with them. Helping us manage them with a greater sense of stillness and relaxation


Practise |

  1. Suggest to your students that the try to notice their thoughts wherever they are. Practising witnessing them like popcorn, just popping in and out, or passing by, then practise coming back to your breath. They can do this at school, or at home, and remember if thoughts are sad, angry happy or excited remember to never judge your thoughts, simply come back to your breath.
  2. Practise your meditation “Popcorn Thoughts “



Guided Meditation | 10:56 | "Popcorn Thoughts"

Some thoughts are happy, some can be sad, others come from nowhere? These thoughts can simply be noticed as popping thoughts. Isabelle’s “Popcorn Thoughts” Guided Meditation for Children help parents and children simply notice popping thoughts and encourages listeners to bring their focus back to their breathing as it flows in and out.


Educators |

Play this meditation as many times as you like, but remember, just one meditation one week at a time.


Reflection with students |
  • What thoughts did you have?
  • Did you have a moment where you didn’t have any thoughts at all?



Journal | PDF Format | Popcorn Thoughts


Educators |

Slide to your students' journal to your desktop and print.

P2W6 Popcorn Thoughts Journal_Screenshot


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