Mindfulness Program

Parents, practitioners and educators worldwide are turning to proven mindfulness and meditation resources as research now shows there are endless benefits for both teachers and kids.

Access Life-Changing Resources

The My Peaceful Universe Mindfulness Program provides access to a years worth of evidence based mindfulness and meditation resources that are fun and engaging for parents, practitioners, teachers and kids.


8 Early Learning Meditations
+ Complete Mindfulness Programs 1 - 3
24 Breathing Exercises
24 Mindfulness Lessons and Exercises
24 Recorded Guided Meditations
24 Mindful Games
24 Printable Gratitude Journal Pages
+ Certificates For Kids

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A gift that keeps on giving.

"My daughter is learning how to manage her anxiety and emotional melt-downs, as well as being present with her thoughts. I overheard her on the phone telling her best friend who was feeling sad all about what she learned in meditation, and about having positive thoughts. I highly recommend this ongoing course for kids for their mental/emotional wellbeing."
JO N. Parent

Awesome and calming meditations that can soothe the most rowdy kids

"Issi is soooooooo amazing at mindfulness. I used to be extremely restless at night and wake up hundreds of times. Now I am able to have a sleep without worrying about things in the past or future, or both! Issi has taught me so much useful information. Thank you Issi for making me a calmer person."
ONE S. Student

Newport Public School.

"These meditation classes are amazing. My son always comes home refreshed and calm. He is really enjoying them."
KATE P. Parent


"My children love the program, and are putting into action little things they have been taught along the way. It's been a lovely reminder for me too, to incorporate mindfulness into our daily lives. Issi has such lovely energy which the children respond warmly to."
VESNA R. Parent