Mindfulness and Meditation Classes for Children.

Isabelle's MY PEACEFUL UNIVERSE Mindfulness and Meditation program has emerged as a fun and positive way to teach kids resilience, awareness and self-belief and, how to overcome a range of emotional challenges in their busy lives.

Helping children relax and focus better so that they can concentrate and memorise more effectively, as well as still their minds and breathe correctly to assist with sleep, stress and anxiety, leading to a happier state of mind and a feeling of more content with life.


Enrollments are now open for Week 1, Term 4


Isabelle's MY PEACEFUL UNIVERSE mindfulness and meditation program for children has been specifically designed to run for 1 hour each week before, during or after school over the first 8 weeks of each term. 

Suitable for Primary School Students aged 7 - 12, each week children learn all new

  • Mindful Life Lessons,
  • Breathing Exercises,
  • Mindful Games and
  • Guided Meditations,
  • As well as receive a take-home Affirmation Journal and a Mindfulness and Meditation Certificate on completion.
All our students must enrol online prior to classes commencing. Enquire about A FREE TRIAL