How my son overcame his bully without me even knowing.

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Isabelle had no idea her 11-year-old son was having trouble with another kid at school and was surprised when she confronted him about it. 


Isabelle and her son River

Isabelle found out her 11-year-old son, River, was having trouble at school.


Isabelle is a mum to two gorgeous kids, River, 11, and Willow, 8.

When she was young she suffered from anxiety and after taking classes in mindfulness, she taught those skills to her children. And it’s had a big impact on their lives.  

“There’s a kid at school that’s been giving my son River a hard time and another parent actually called me a few weeks ago and said, 'I think you should know, has River told you?'” she explained.

She had no idea that anything was happening and had to broach the subject with her son. 


River was using mindfulness skills to cope 

“I pulled up River the other day and said, 'Honey, how come you haven’t told me?'” she explained.

“He said, ‘Mum because I’ve been doing my mindfulness and he’s not bothering me like I realise they’re just words’,” she said.

“He said, 'Thank you for teaching me mindfulness because I know there’s no use worrying about it, he’s just not a good kid and I’m not worried about it',” she added.

If this happened a couple of years ago, Isabelle believes he would have been coming home really upset about it all.

“I’m just so grateful that he feels so empowered,” she confessed.


Mother and son meditating

River used the mindfulness tools he had learned from his mum to overcome the trouble he was having at school.


River developed anxiety over going to school camp

Isabelle started teaching River mindfulness techniques when he started suffering anxiety about a school camp in Year Five.

“He was not wanting to go to activities and having a lot of trouble sleeping, he was set on not going to school camp - every time we talked about it he would become overwhelmed and start to cry,” she explained.

But she taught him the skills to cope with his anxiety and after a while, he started to sleep better and he didn’t cry at the thought of it.

“Just much calmer, less reactive and less worried,” she explained.


Mindfulness Classes for Children

After seeing the change it had on her son, Isabelle started teaching mindfulness classes for children.


Isabelle now teaches children's mindfulness classes

Isabelle saw the huge impact that it had on River’s life and created My Peaceful Universe, an organisation that teaches mindfulness and meditation to children.

“Research shows that eight weeks of meditation can help rewire our brains for happiness as well as cultivate joy in children,” she explained. 

She has found that children who go to her classes have better emotional regulation, they’re less reactive and have the skills to cope with big or small problems that come up in their lives.

A lot of children she teaches have never meditated before but by the end of the term, they are doing it almost every day.

Some of the students are even using the lessons of being kind to yourself and your thoughts on their parents when they say negative things at home.


You can listen to Isabelle’s guided meditation tracks on SoundCloud and find out more about My Peaceful Universe here.

Isabelle recently launched a Crowdfunding Campaign to train and mentor new facilitators to teach Mindfulness and Meditation to 1000's of children in communities across Australia. You can find out more about it here.


Source:, Author Liz Lyall