Summary // Program 2

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The My Peaceful Universe Educators Portal provides access to fun and engaging Mindfulness and Meditation Resources that are curated in 4 simple programs for the school year.

Our 32 lessons are flexible and easy to implement in a classroom setting for 8 - 10 weeks of each term, and, provide a remarkably beneficial experience for both students and teachers.


Program 2

Program 2 has been designed to help children improve and develop -

  • Emotional Regulation
  • Self Awareness
  • Happiness
  • Focus and Concentration


Lessons Include


  1. Mindful Seeing
  2. Mindful Listening
  3. Mindfulness of Touch
  4. Mindful Tasting
  5. Mindfulness of Thoughts
  6. Popcorn Thoughts
  7. Monkey Mind
  8. Distraction



Certificate for Students

Slide your Students Certificate to your desktop, select and print.

Mindfulness and Meditation Certificate


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